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In order to optimize the use of our high-end analytical platforms Enabling Technologies works with a unique network in academia and industry. Our partners offer the latest insights in technological development. Our collaborative network includes the local partners within DSM Resolve and Maastricht University/Maastricht University Medical Centre+.

DSM Materials Science Center (www.dsm.com/dmsc)
DSM Materials Science Center, part of Royal DSM, provides its customers with analytical support. Our expertise finds applications in the fields of Innovative (bio) Materials, Polymers, Process-flows, Chemicals, Catalysts, Pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverage products. We strive for customized solutions and for cooperation based on intensive contacts between customer and expert. In this way we aim at maximized added value for our customers. Extensive expertise as well as divers and high-quality instruments are available for the following services and competencies: Analysis, Morphological Characterization, Chemical Identification and Quantification, Process Analysis, Sampling, Exposure Management, Statistics and Chemo-metrics.

Maastricht University/Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (www.mumc.nl)
The academic hospital Maastricht (azM) and the Maastricht University Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences have joined forces under the name Maastricht UMC+.
Maastricht UMC+ has three core tasks: patient care, training & education, and research. The organisation is also committed to health prevention, risk assessment, and early diagnostics. Maastricht therefore holds a unique position characterised by integrated research, education, public health, and patient care.  The quality of the research is high according to international rankings.
The strategic priorities of the organisation are: cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases, oncology, and mental healthcare & neuroscience. The research conducted in each of these fields is carried out in research institutes known as ‘schools’.

  • CAPHRI- School for Public Health and Primary care
    Prevention, public health, and primary care: www.caphri.nl
  • Carim- School for Cardiovascular Diseases
    Cardiovascular research institute: microcirculation and macrocirculation. Expert in cardiac arrhythmias: www.carimmaastricht.nl
  • Grow- School for Oncology & Developmental Biology
    Clinical oncology, developmental biology, and perinatal medicine: cell growth and cell division, processes that characterise normal (embryological) developments and abnormal (oncological) developments: www.grow-um.nl
  • MHeNS- School for Mental Health and Neuroscience
    Common neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders and on abnormalities that influence the nervous system: www.np.unimaas.nl
  • NUTRIM- School for Nutrition, Toxicology & Metabolism
    Role of nutrition in the development, treatment, and prevention of metabolic disorders in patients with cancer and chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, chronic lung disease, and chronic bowel disease: www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/nutrim

Province of Limburg (www.limburg.nl and video)
Of the twelve Dutch provinces, Limburg is the most European of them all. We share more borders with Belgium and Germany than the rest of the Netherlands. Everyday life here has always involved contact with areas that are today located outside our national borders. Our geographical location and history mean that cross-border cooperation has become a fact of life.

Together with knowledge institutes and the province’s business and industry community, Limburg is hard at work developing campuses that will forge strong alliances between the education, science, government and business sectors  within the region and beyond. Limburg’s unique position both geographically and culturally calls for a well thoughtout, strategic, and responsive policy that delivers tangible results. Our provincial government is the body responsible for overseeing and implementing these policies.