Our vision

About us

The world is changing rapidly and international competition is getting stronger. This challenge provides us with a compelling reason to innovate; especially in the fields of materials science, chemistry, life science and health, where solutions for the great challenges we face can be found.

The Brightlands Chemelot Campus and the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus have a strong materials and life science network.
Innovation requires the ability to measure, visualise, analyse and interpret data to help us gain new insights into the composition, structure, properties and interactions of and between (biological) materials. Enabling Technologies strives to integrate these knowledge platforms in collaborative and high-end analytical facilities that will enhance our ability to conduct excellent scientific research and create an optimal environment for business development. 

Enabling Technologies is the unique Triple Helix initiative of DSM Materials Science Center, Maastricht University/UMC+ and the Province of Limburg. These three partners have defined the following core goals:

  • Create a unique research & development platform for (industrial) scientists in Limburg with the aim of stimulating campus growth (100 fte within 10 years);
  • Initiate multidisciplinary projects on the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus and the Brightlands Chemelot Campus that encourage knowledge exchange and the development of collaborative training programmes, devices, software and applications; 
  • Maximum use of the facilities;
  • Provide SME’s & start-ups with a voucher system to stimulate innovation. 

Kennis/As Limburg: rol van Chemelot & Maastricht Health Campus