Material sciences

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Innovation requires a deeper understanding of material structures, the physical and chemical properties of materials and their morphological, magnetic, thermal and mechanical characteristics at the macro, micro and nano level.

Enabling Technologies offers you these insights into your innovative materials. We offer you cutting-edge knowledge on the correlation of material properties and behaviour in response to light, heat, cold, pressure and other stimuli.

Enabling Technologies brings vast exploration and experimentation capabilities within your reach.


Characterization of Macromolecules (polymers)
For macromolecules, material properties such as reactivity, chemical resistance, adhesion, network and processing properties originate from their complex, molecular architecture. We have unique knowledge of assessing all kinds of architectural features and linking these features to macromolecular properties of polyolefins, elastomers and rubbers. This allows you for example to understand your synthetic process, its process technological aspects and the final properties of your resulting product.

Morphological Characterization of Materials
Next to molecular architecture, a material's morphology i.e. its physical 'shape' at a nanometer to millimeter scale dominates material properties and behavior. We have a broad expertise in the whole chain starting from architecture, via morphology toward the final, resulting materials properties. This unique knowledge position can be of great help for you in addressing mechanical failure and understanding processing properties.

Product Analysis
DSM Materials Science Center has extensive high level skills in the application of a whole range of (chemical and physical) techniques to analyze and characterize final products, in particular polymer products. This is of major importance in understanding final product properties such as surface/ adhesive/degradation phenomena, optical properties, mechanical behavior etc.

Chemical Identification and Quantification
Chemical identification and quantification of active components is of utmost importance in the development of new materials, processes and screening methods, either of synthetic or natural origin. Due to the in-house availability and knowledge of almost all currently known high-end, state-of-the-art analysis technologies, our specialists can be a strong partner for you.