Orbitrap Liquid Chromatography MSMS

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The Thermo Fisher Q Exactive Benchtop is ideally suited for drug metabolism, proteomics, environmental analysis, food safety, toxicology and clinical research applications. Outstanding for fast chromatography separation techniques. It offers broad screening capabilities by fast alternating positive-negative scan modes and it excels at targeted quantitation experiments.

With its superior resolution and high sensitivity it allows (quantitative; discovery proteomics) detection and identification of low abundant proteins within complex samples. Quantification of pre-selected protein can be performed without anti-bodies (targeted proteomics). The system is also applicable for lipid screening (lipidomics).

Can be used for:

  • Protein identifications from SDS-PAGE and/or 2D gels
  • Protein identifications from complex samples i.e biopsies, plasma
  • Proteomics, protein profiling of tissues and body fluids
  • SRM/MRM/PRM protein quantification
  • DIA protein quantification
  • Multiplexed protein identification and quantitation with mass tags
  • Lipidomics

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Contact: Freek Bouwman (HB): freek.bouwman@maastrichtuniversity.nl

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