Teneo SEM

About us

Ultra High Resolution imaging and high throughput analytical performance.

The Teneo SEM provides us with faster Ultra High Resolution imaging capabilities due to the detector design. Imaging is possible in High Vacuum as well as under Low Vacuum conditions. The additional STEM option enables the imaging of TEM slices and the MAPS program provides us with the possibility for an unattended screening of large specimen areas at High Resolution.

Meet the experts
Myraise van Stijn is Materials Scientist at the Microscopy department of DSM Resolve. At DSM Resolve she is responsible for the SEM infrastructure and SEM expertise development.
Tine Boonen, colleague of Myraise, has a broad expertise in microscopy techniques, which extends from optical microscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, to atomic force microscopy. She is responsible for the planning and daily operation of the Teneo.
Denis van Beurden is a lab manager/technician at the Maastricht University within the Department of MERLN. He is responsible for the communication between DSM Resolve and Maastricht University as well as for training people in (bio) medical & (bio) material analysis.