About us

The D8 ADVANCE is a real quick-change artist that can be configured to take on a single analytical task with great focus and dedicated components, or a fully featured, multi-purpose solution that is capable of dealing with very diverse analytical needs with highest competence.

The DAVINCI design ensures for all those solutions easy (re)configuration and extensibility to exactly satisfy your analytical needs, now and in the future.


high resolution X-ray Powder Diffractometer

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is an ideal, non-destructive analytical method for examining all types of (semi-)crystalline samples. The newest equipment features alignment- and tool-free switching between Bragg-Brentano geometry and Göbel mirrors (parallel and focusing), with add-on possibilities for: 

  • XRD at various temperatures (-190°C to 1600°C)
  • In-plane graze-incidence X-ray diffraction
  • X-ray reflectometry

It offers a greatly improved low detec­tion limit. One can obtain information of the sample on e.g.:

  • Phase identification
  • Phase composition
  • Crystal structure
  • Microstructure